Physician executives are medically qualified individuals who have chosen to pursue a non-clinical career within commerce or industry.

Physician executives combine their clinical knowledge with commercial acumen within industries such as insurance, law, finance, government, research etc. to provide innovative and sustainable business solutions to healthcare and related sectors of the economy. The role bridges the domains of healthcare and commerce, and is one of the newest additions to the ever-expanding repertoire of multi-skilled clinicians.

The ACPE, through its membership and partnerships, aims to provide a conduit for the flow of information and career opportunities tailored towards the interests, skills and experience of the physician executive community.

As the network of physician executives expand, the ACPE will list various opportunities nominated by its members – whether consulting, contract or permanent – and provide career support programs to the benefit of this growing community. In the near future, you will find those opportunities and programs listed on this site.

If you are aware of any current engagement opportunities, please feel free to contact us. Listing on the website is free of charge to all members and partners of the ACPE.