The Australasian College of Physician Executives (ACPE) is a newly-established professional membership organisation that seeks to further the role of physician executives within the broader healthcare and related commerce sectors.

The ACPE, a first of its kind, recognises the very important role physician executives play in shaping the unique junction of healthcare and commerce to enable high quality, profitable and sustainable solutions to modern healthcare challenges.

The ACPE serves the function of a traditional medical college, but also creates a network of like-minded physician executives who individually and collectively benefit from the diversity of skill, knowledge and experience of each of its members.

The College endeavours to structure and formalise the recognition afforded to physicians who make (or have made) significant contributions to healthcare through trade or commerce, and to establish a pathway for those physicians who pursue this relatively new and highly specialised role within industry.

Our mission

To establish and promote the role of physician executive as a professional and valuable discipline amidst both the healthcare and commercial enterprise fraternity.


Physician executives are found in many sectors of the economy. Membership is open to medically or dentistry qualified clinicians in various industries, including but not limited to those listed below:

  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Insurance & Superannuation
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • Legal
  • Politics and Policy development
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Entrepreneurial business
  • Consulting & Advisory
  • Government & Public Service
  • Science & Technology
  • Academia
  • Other