A core objective of the ACPE is the development, facilitation and promotion of education for our members. Through education, the College seeks to provide skills, knowledge and experience necessary to answer some of the most challenging healthcare questions of our time.

A firm foundation

We acknowledge the tremendous effort and dedication of those who have pursued physician executive careers in the absence of specifically structured academic pathways and training programs. In making the transition from clinical practice to more commercially-oriented roles in the broader economy, these physician executives have either self-educated, pursued additional qualifications and / or gained experience through on-the-job training. Their success and contributions have been remarkable.

A bright future

As the complexity of challenges and opportunities in healthcare expand, so we believe does the need to develop formal pathways towards a career as physician executive. As part of its charter, the ACPE will work with its membership and academic institutions to develop dedicated programs to the specific needs and requirements of the physician executive community. Pathways that will accelerate the next wave of innovation in healthcare and commerce.

 The ACPE will:

  1. Promote the role of physician executives as a valuable and reputable career within the medical community.
  2. Establish academic partnerships that will provide dedicated programs to the needs and objectives of physician executives.
  3. Develop role models within the existing physician executive community to attract and mentor the next generation of physician executives.